Is commercial insurance available to meet corporate expectations?

Corporate insurance buyers continue to find insurance procurement challenging and expensive.

In an increasingly connected world, rising geopolitical tensions including the Ukraine war, Nat Cat losses and climate change pressures, increasing cyber insecurity, stretched supply lines and social inflation present greater aggregation potential for the insurance industry. At the same time, corporate clients are seeking more integrated, business-specific, and highly customised insurance solutions.

The result is sub-optimal customer experience combined with greater uncertainty that the insurance contracts will meet expectations – a widening gap between the needs of the corporate buyer and the willingness of the insurance market to respond.

A significant factor appears to be the lack of sufficient skilled, experienced and reliable resources – on both sides of the negotiating table – willing to:

  • work at reducing the coverage gaps, taking into account the specificities of the corporate client
  • explain clearly where, and why, material gaps remain
  • simplify, insurance contract intent, structure and language to facilitate the setting of clear coverage, limits and retention expectations
  • ensure, as far as possible, that commercial insurance contracts respond in the manner intended
  • design corporate insurance programmes with clear structural and coverage interfaces between the component insurance contracts
  • find innovative risk financing solutions (e.g.: parametric solutions) to address the residual coverage gaps that matter.

RCN can help bridge this gap. It has a proven track record working with businesses from major multinationals to SMEs throughout EMEA and North America. RCN has operated independently from any market influence for more than 15 years and across different industry segments

Sample feedback from RCN clients

Our Company, and more specifically the RM Department, has not historically produced written processes and procedures.

Given the complicated nature of our decentralized structure ( 75+ autonomous Brands) our risk management and insurance programmes are also complex. We decided to employ the services of RCN to map out our processes in detail. This required RCN to conduct several interviews with internal and external stakeholders (there are many) in order to obtain the overall picture. The service rendered was thorough, meticulous, and rendered on a timely basis. It will serve as an important reference, particularly for new recruits and, also, future internal audits. 


RCN’s expertise and process rigour enabled us to undertake a significant restructuring of our corporate insurance programme with confidence.

Their long years of experience represented real added value in reassuring and convincing the various internal stakeholders and decision-makers. Collaboration with RCN brought the advantage of independent and confidential dialogue with experts who are neither our brokers nor our insurers.

The RCN team was proactive, diligent, and readily available to us throughout the project. It is for these reasons that we would recommend them to others.


We were looking for experienced, independent support in coping with a complex project-related bid tender. RCN provided that support and exceeded our expectations in terms of planning, ideas and service performance.

RCN provided precisely the kind of technical support that we were looking for. Their ability to think out of the box and their project management rigour significantly contributed to the mission‘s success. We were very pleased with the high degree of professionalism.


RCN teamed up with our law firm in the field of a very complex mission relating to the insurance coverage of infrastructure work relating to a nuclear site. RCN was an efficient and trustworthy partner who delivered work of high quality in a timely and responsive manner.

RCN demonstrated a deep commercial insurance expertise when questioned directly by client senior executive management and provided extremely helpful support to our legal team.


RCN joined our team in support of the preparation, selection and management of Broker arrangements in pursuit of Loss Portfolio Transfer (LPT) opportunities.

Both Roger and Chris, brought significant experience and trusted insight to the process, which they managed through to the preferred Broker selection, ensuring we started our LPT process with clear and well-defined plan.

Their one-team approach laid a foundation for the successful transfer of risk for significant legacy US liabilities.


Large Multinationals

Large, complex organisations, including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies need to align risk management with global business strategy.

Substantial organisations like these need to be confident that their risk financing programmes will operate as intended and are supported by processes that are both efficient and effective.


Risk and insurance management challenges are usually significant but companies may have limited internal resources. Insurance programmes must be dependable and offer value for money.

It is equally important to ensure that insurance protections and related services remain closely matched to evolving business needs.

SMEs & Start-Ups

Management will be focused on entrepreneurial opportunity and building a viable business, yet risk management and insurance priorities should be clearly identified at the outset.

Business survival may depend on robust insurance support. Business profiles of young companies often evolve rapidly; regular review of insurable exposures is advisable.