Stress Tests

“An insider’s view from the outside”

RCN – Risk & Insurance Management Process Maturity Stress Test

RCN has developed a risk management process maturity check that has proven popular with CFOs and Risk & Insurance Managers of Fortune 500 companies.

The process is designed to test insurance and risk management activity and help ensure continued alignment with evolving business strategy and exposures. It also offers internal stakeholders a clearer insight into the scope, operation and performance of the Risk & Insurance Management Team

It is a rigorous, independent and confidential review. It is undertaken by experienced professionals all of whom who have led Risk & Insurance Management teams in major multinational companies.


Each Stress Test assignment is customised to respond to individual company profiles. Key processes reviewed generally include:

  • Organizational Framework
  • Mandate & Commitment
  • Policy & implementation
  • Communication strategy
  • Monitoring & performance review
  • Resource Management
  • Management of external service
  • Risk identification, analysis & evaluation
  • Risk Response
    • Risk control (e.g. property, supply chain; contractual; ITC resilience)
    • Risk financing – internal/external (including cost allocation and claims management)


A summary report & presentation to management showing, for each process, evaluated

  • maturity against agreed expectations
  • factors driving maturity assessment
  • improvement opportunities identified by the RIM