“An insider’s view from the outside”

RCN risk management professionals have all held senior positions in substantial global businesses. We have spent over ten years refining and proving a business model that offers seasoned expertise for specific risk management assignments – with the emphasis on action and outcomes rather than lengthy reports or generalised advice.

We have a shrewd idea of what works – and what does not – inside large, medium and small companies. As outsiders, we have the freedom to pose challenging questions.


became an independent risk management resource in 2005. He provides an extensive range of strategic and operational support to multinational companies. Experience includes 12 years as Corporate Risk & Insurance Manager at Schlumberger. Expertise: risk management strategy & resourcing, risk governance, crisis response and multinational insurance management issues.


has provided a broad spectrum of independent risk management support to major multinational companies since 2001. Previous experience: senior risk management roles in FTSE 100 companies, 15 years as Group Risk and Insurance Manager, BOC. He has led teams in the UK, USA, Asia Pacific. Expertise: risk and insurance management strategy, multinational insurance risk financing; project management and supply chain risk.