RCN Risk Management | Team
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“An insider’s view from the outside”

RCN risk management professionals have all held senior positions in substantial global businesses. We have spent over ten years refining and proving a business model that offers seasoned expertise for specific risk management assignments – with the emphasis on action and outcomes rather than lengthy reports or generalised advice.

We have a shrewd idea of what works – and what does not – inside large, medium and small companies. As outsiders, we have the freedom to pose challenging questions.

  • Christopher Lajtha

    became an independent risk management resource in 2005. He provides an extensive range of strategic and operational support to multinational companies. Experience includes 12 years as Corporate Risk & Insurance Manager at Schlumberger. Expertise: risk management strategy & resourcing, risk governance, crisis response and multinational insurance management issues.

  • Paul Taylor

    is a Chartered Engineer, independent risk management consultant and Non-Exec Director. He previously led corporate risk management and governance projects in multinational companies including Kingfisher, Tetra Laval International, Morgan Crucible. Past chairman of AIRMIC. Expertise: the interface between risk management and internal audit, risk management oversight, training.

  • Nick Robertson

    is a Chartered Accountant with an engineering background. He holds public and private sector non-exec directorships and chairs 2 audit committees. Experience: 32 years with Royal Dutch Shell in finance and general management, 8 years as VP Group Risk Management & Insurance. Expertise: risk governance and assurance, risk management information flows, effective audit committees.

  • Roger Lewington

    has provided a broad spectrum of independent risk management support to major multinational companies since 2001. Previous experience: senior risk management roles in in FTSE 100 companies, 15 years as Group Risk and Insurance Manager, BOC. He has led teams in the UK, USA, Asia Pacific. Expertise: risk and insurance management strategy, multinational insurance risk financing; project management and supply chain risk.

  • Neil Campbell

    previously led JLT’s Core Risk Europe – a specialist Life Science Consulting business. He also spent 18 years at 2 FTSE100 chemical/pharmaceutical companies, including 11 years as Risk Manager at Astra Zeneca. Expertise: innovative risk financing solutions for complex multinational organisations and life science companies, critical supply chain dependencies.


    Has provided specialist insurance risk consulting to support innovative product development for a number of major insurance companies since 2007. Previous experience: twenty years senior underwriting roles including the role of Chief Underwriting Officer at Munich American Risk Partners UK operations. Expertise: business strategy reviews, complex product development, technical wording reviews, risk financing solutions