SME Organisations

“An insider’s view from the outside”

Risk and Insurance Management Support for SME and Start-Up Businesses

Entrepreneurship and risk go hand-in-hand. Yet a structured approach to risk management is often lacking in start-up and rapid-growth enterprises – even though business risks proliferate as organisations become larger and more complex.

Full-time, dedicated risk management expertise is generally beyond the means of smaller enterprises. As a consequence, businesses can become reliant on their insurance providers who may not have the resources to provide the appropriate risk management support.

RCN offers its unique blend of professional skills and experience to founders, business angels and institutional investors who are keen protect their investments against insurable business risks. We have all led corporate risk management teams and now provide a “hands-on” insurance risk management resource that is completely independent from any insurance transaction.

Our focus is on action and implementation – providing targeted support when and where you need it most.

Assignments for SME businesses are often triggered by events including:

Ad hoc risk management support

RCN’s expertise is of particular value for fledgling companies that are committed to commercialisation of great ideas, yet lack infrastructure &/or experience to support the company’s growth. Clients benefit from periodic access to RCN in the development of appropriate risk & insurance management strategy and processes without the need for a full-time, internal appointment.

Contract reviews and contract risk management guidelines

RCN provides support in undertaking reviews of the risk allocation and insurance language embedded in many different forms of contract (customer, supplier, lease, charterparty, freight …)

  • Assisting businesses in reviewing the various liability and insurance implications of planned land &/or business acquisitions.
  • Negotiating difficult and/or complex insurance claims.
  • Providing risk and insurance management support for new projects or diversification.

Because of our impartiality and experience we help clients to challenge the insurance supply chain during complex insurance procurement negotiations.

RCN will also review customer and supplier dependencies and contractual relationships to ensure there is an appropriate sharing and mitigation of significant risks.